The Uniontown Amateur Radio Club will participate in ARRL Field Day exercises on June 24-25, 2017!

This year, we will again be operating a radio station in a hay field outside of Farmington, PA.  We plan a two-transmitter setup for the HF bands.

DIRECTIONS to the 2017 Field Day site:

From Uniontown Follow RT40 heading east through Farmington.  Approximately 2.7 miles past Route 381, turn left onto Dinner Bell Road and follow it for 4.3 miles.  Kodiak Lane is on the left, through a gate.  Follow the road to the top of the hill, for parking and the Field Day Site.

To locate the Field Day site on Google Maps, just click this link:


Talk in will be available on 147.045 + (Full Time PL 131.8).  Just call for W3PIE Field Day Talk-In.




Contact Tony Alviar 724-430-1277 (M-F 8-4) or George Syner 724-439-1554 (leave message if no answer) if more information is needed.  Also, Information is available anytime on 147.045 + (Full Time PL 131.8)