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Time Place Prize Item(s) Callsign Name
12:151stYaesu FTM-100DRKA3RXYCharleen Dera
12:152ndMFJ-259WB3JNPJay Rudik
12:153rdYaesu FT-3200RWA3TGGPeter Billie
12:1050/50 Winner ($115.00)WA3MJYRick Tressler
12:10BB1Black Box #1 (FT-2900R)KB3MLKTim Russell
12:10BB2Black Box #2 (2 Baofeng UV-5R)KC8YUIJim Sekel
12:00SpclEpson C-120 Color PrinterKA3QFDRay Gottfried
12:004ADX Eng. $50 Cert., 4 Outlet Power Strip, *KC3IDTMike Christeson
12:004B6 pc. Screwdriver Set, *WB3BVZTom McDermott
11:455AARRL $50 Cert., 4-in-1 Screwdriver, Swivel Head Lamp, *WA3UVVCory Sickles
11:455BSwivel Head Lamp, *N3LIFEd Kern
11:306ADX Eng. $50 Cert., 4-in-1 Screwdriver, *N3LIFEd Kern
11:306B6 pc. Screwdriver set, Yaesu Mouse Pad, *KA3QFDRay Gottfried
11:157AARRL $25 Cert., 27 LED Flashlight, 4 Outlet Power Strip, *KB3LBBRalph Bliss
11:157B6 pc. Screwdriver set, *N3BJYMel Musulin
11:008AARRL $25 Cert., 27 LED Flashlight, Swivel Head Lamp, *WA3OGQGeorge Syner
11:008B6 pc. Screwdriver set, Yaesu Mouse Pad, *K1WIOJames Harrick
10:459A27 LED Flashlight, Swivel Head Lamp, *K3YNDennis Aheimer
10:459B6 pc. Screwdriver set, *W3FNYPhil Hart
10:3010A27 LED Flashlight, Yaesu Mouse Pad, *WA3NGABunny Horvath
10:3010B4-in-1 Screwdriver, Swivel Head Lamp, *KB3OYSCathy Heiles
10:151127 LED Flashlight, Swivel Head Lamp, *KC3EULJason Smierzniak
10:0012 27 LED Flashlight, Yaesu Mouse Pad, * WA3ERTDennis Cunningham
9:451327 LED Flashlight, *KC3JEYEric Chornenky
9:3014Swivel Head Lamp, Yaesu Mouse Pad, 4-in-1 Screwdriver, *KE8HTADebbie Sickles
9:151527 LED Flashlight, *K3ODJohn Martinelli
9:001627 LED Flashlight, 4-in-1 Screwdriver, Yaesu Mouse Pad, *WB3JNPJay Rudik
--:--Extra$10 Gift Certificate (The RF Adapter Guy)KC3CDFAngie Lambo

* Prizes 4A through 16 included the following items: Yaesu hat, $20 DX Engineering certificate, Digital Multimeter, 25 ft. and 10 ft. tape measures and key tags.

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